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Conferences/Symposia Organized under the Auspices of FRAMED

  • EUROMAT 2017, Symposium on "Small scale mechanics, fracture, interface, experiments and modelling", THESSALONIKI 17-22, Sept 2017
  • Shechtman – Suresh Honorary Symposium, Thessaloniki, Nov 30 – Dec 3,  2018
  • Mid-Term Meeting, AUTH, Dec. 4, 2018  (Presentations)
  • Presentation of FRAMED 2019 Program, AUTH, Dec. 4, 2018
  • Seminar  at UFL 22 March 2019 “Gradient and Fractional/Fractal Models for Elasticity Diffusion, Plasticity and Dislocations”


Outreach to the general public

FAU is holding bi-annual science outreach events (‘long night of science’) targeting the general public. In the context of FRAMED, during the events on 21 Oct. 2017 and 18 Oct. 2019 we presented a ‘computer game’ where visitors could use a visual interface to construct load-carrying structures which were then virtually loaded until global failure.  Users could observe the failure sequence and compare their end score (the failure load) with that of other users.

 Dissemination activity at FAUDissemination activity at FAU

Screenshot of the demonstration program


The idea here is to give people a visual (and intuitive) idea how damage accumulation and failure processes proceed in materials with unreliable  components, and to let them try out which elements are essential for the stability of a given load carrying structure and which ones are redundant. This demonstration was programmed in collaboration between FRAMED researchers and PhD students of the DFG graduate school FRASCAL (‘Fracture across scales’)


Outreach to researchers and students at partner institutions

In the context of FRAMED funded placements, FAU researchers have given the following presentations at partner institutions

  • BUCEA, 1 2017, Dr. R. Wu: Seminar talk “Primary creep in single crystal Nickel-based superalloys: coupling continuum dislocation dynamics and phase-field simulation in 2D”.
  • Shanghai University, 19.4.2018, Dr. M. Monvari: Seminar  "A crystal plasticity framework based on dislocation dynamics "
  • Shanghai University, 10.5.2018, Dr. M. Monavari: Seminar  “Continuum Dislocation Kinematics"
  • University of Florida, 21.2.2019, Prof. Dr. E. Bitzek: Seminar “Atomistic Aspects of Nanoscale Fracture”
  • ESTIA, 15.05.2019, S.A. Hosseini: Seminar "Modeling failure and flaw tolerance of hierarchically structured materials"
  • Shanghai University, 25.9.2019, Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser: Seminar “Mesoscale Models of Stochastic Plasticity ”
  • Shanghai University, 27.8.2019, Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser:  “How to enhance fracture strength of a sheet of paper?” (Undergraduate Lecture)


Outreach to the general scientific community

At international meetings, including those organized explicitly in the FRAMED context, and during visits at other research institutions in conjunction with FRAMED supported placements, FAU researchers gave the following presentations that fully or partly contain material resulting from FRAMED supported research:

  • Multiscale Materials Modelling Conference, Osaka, Japan, 1.11.2018. Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser: Invited Lecture “Precursors of creep failure in disordered materials and analogies to earthquake statistics”.
  •  Shtechtman-Suresh Symposium, Thessaloniki, Greece, 3.12.2018. Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser: “Fracture behavior and flaw ultra-tolerance of hierarchically structured materials”
  • Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, PR China, 21.8.2019, Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser: Seminar “Network models of failure of disordered materials: Understanding size dependent fracture”
  • Euromat 2019, Stockholm, 3.9.2019, S.A. Hosseini: Poster “ Beam network models for optimizing failure properties of fibrous (bio)materials”
  • Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, PR China, 4.9.2019, Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser: Seminar “Mesoscale Models of Plasticity and Failure of Amorphous Solids”